We offer three styles of fitness class to meet all your body’s fitness needs;
Mellow, Spark and Barre.


This 45 minute class is beautiful combination of yoga, Pilates and ballet-style exercises.

It will gently tone your muscles and improve your flexibility.

We finish the class with a short relaxation and mindfulness practice, and an optional cup of seasonal tea to reawaken your senses.


Fire up your cardiovascular system and build a strong, toned physique in this 45 minute, circuit-based class.

Hand weights, resistance bands, sliders and steps are used to create an infinite variety of exercises which will push your endurance and strength to their limits and beyond!


Our barre class is a fun mix of ballet style barre and cardio exercises.

This 45 minute class will burn calories, tone your legs and core, and improve your posture and flexibility.

Barre class is suitable for all fitness levels and no previous ballet experience is needed.


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